Wednesday, 10 October 2012

There's a pot of gold at Morton Fishings!!!!!!!!!!!

A few of the bigger fish caught this far.

If you have any good pics please send them in!
When September comes.....yes, the fishing gets better! Cooler temperatures, bigger fish - none better than Peter Johnstone with a beauty of 19lb 5oz!!!!! Top fish of the year so far, well done PJ.

Others lately include 1 at 9lbs for M. Leask, Livingston, on a cdc. Mr Ramsay, Edinburgh, had 3 for 10.5lbs and returned a 5lb brown on a Rob Roy buzzer and B. Adam, BP AC, had 3 for 11lbs 6oz on a damsel. A. Dalziel and partner took 7 for 18lb to their boat on cats whisker. D. Hun, Dunfermline, had 4 for 11lbs 8oz on buzzers and W. Paton, Edinburgh, had 4 for 11lbs 8oz on Montana.

Loads of fish still showing on the surface! Remember we will be open right through the winter, weather permitting. See you soon.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Rain, rain, and more rain! When will it stop? At least there is no shortage of water.

Pencaitland AC had a super day out taking 53 fish for 132lb and Perth Anglers had 22 for 46lb 8oz and returned another twenty. D. Walker, Harthill, had 4 for 11lb 4oz on damsels and Gordon Bain, Kirknewton, had a cracking bag of 4 for 15lb 5oz on sedges. A. Hunter made the trip through from Tillicoultry and was rewarded with 12 on c/r to cdc's whilst A. Dalziel had a terrific bag of 4 for 16lb on sedges. Suspender buzzers did the trick for D. Robertson, West Calder, securing 10 on c/r. M.Watt had 4 for 11lb on Diawl Bachs and W. Bruce took 4 for 12lb on damsels.

The fish are certainly moving on the surface, especially in the evenings, but the inconsistent weather has not helped - let's hope for a steady spell for the remainder of the month.
The cold easterlies continued but the fishing improved with plenty of top-of-the-water action. Local angler Tam Duncan had a cracking 9lb brown trout on a hopper and B. Lennon used dries to take 4 for 11lb plus several on c/r. Kirkcaldy Deaf FF's had a good day out with A. Lawson and A. Stewart each taking 4 for 10lb 4oz and releasing several more, mainly to damsels and buzzers. D. Bradshaw, Glasgow, had a terrific day using buzzers with his bag weighing in at 4 for 12lb whilst W.Horne took 4 for 11lbs on black rabbit. The Post Office AC had a very rewarding trip with Bob Dillon landing 4 for 14lb 6oz on lures, A.D. Wilson taking 4 for 13.5lb on montana, and Mark Chambers netting 4 for 11lb 4oz. W. McNair had a cracking bag of 4 for 18lb on diawl bachs.

Despite the colder temps surface activity has been encouraging and even May Flies have put in an appearance!

Friday, 25 May 2012

A foam ass blob was the successful fly for G. Young, taking 4 for 15lb 2oz and A. Brown used a cdc to take a good bag of 4 for 12lb 8oz too. H. Dalziel had 4 for 15lb on muddlers and G. Beattie 4 for 12lb 2oz on cormorants. Black lures worked a treat for T. McGarry with a bag of 4 for 14lb, including a beauty of 6lb 6oz. K. Doyle and D. Graham had 4 each for 11lb 2oz and 11lb 4oz respectively - successful flies were damsel and white fritz.
D. Buchanan continued his fine form with 4 for 15lb 8oz on dancers and B. Jenkins had 4 for 12lb 8oz on damsels. F. Allan had 4 for 12lb on an olive gold head whilst M. Burnett used a damsel to take 4 for 13lb.

Peter Craig, Dunbar, made the trip through and caught a beauty of 12lb 4oz on a damsel and Grahame Robertson took another cracker of 8lb on a buzzer.

T. McEwan used a pink snake to grab a fine bag of 4 for 14lb with Steve Clegg also using a black and green buzzer to take 4 for 12lb 12oz. A. Fusco tempted 4 for 12lb 6oz on a hopper and A. Smith had a cracking bag of 4 for 18lb 3oz on coral dancer.